Throughout my childhood right up until late teenage years I was very overweight. I never felt comfortable with my body, I hated going to the gym and was clueless when it came to nutrition and what my body needed. Then one day I decided enough was enough and I needed to change the way I was living otherwise I wouldn’t be around for much longer.

My experience inspired me to start delving deeper into all things health and fitness related and I wanted to help others see the amazing things they could achieve. I became passionate about helping individuals change their life, reach their goals and become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

Through my continuous studies on topics such as nutrition, personal development and exercise, I can provide you with the tools to change your body, improve your lifestyle and create a strong and healthy mindset.

My goal is to help you develop life long healthy habits, help you achieve things you never thought were possible and teach you how to maintain your results for the rest of your life.


18 January 2020


One month on with Rhi and wow! Not only have I gained muscle and lost fat but I am physically and mentally stronger. I have seen the physical and the mental changes. Rhi’s mindset and determination to help you achieve, not just for the short term but for your life, is what makes her different from all the other PTs. She offers more than just a workout plan and nutrition guidance. I can not thank her enough!

30 March 2020


Rhiannon’s approach to fitness and nutrition has helped and encouraged me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I now enjoy working out and I’m not scared of numbers anymore or looking in full length mirrors!! I am so thankful to have found such a professional, friendly PT who has helped to change my mindset for the better and achieve my goals!

Charlie Plant

Honestly one of the best things was finding Rhi! She has helped me with nutrition, realising numbers are not important and to love myself again for the right reasons! Her sessions are always fun and a laugh but always always worth the hard work and sweat afterwards! 10/10 recommend!

Lori Woody

I am so grateful that I somehow found Rhi from across the pond. Her outlook on wellness, nutrition, fitness is so refreshing and most importantly – sustainable and enjoyable. I am stronger (mentally and physically) than I have ever been in my life thanks to her guidance and encouragement. I now have tools to succeed and a strong foundation that I can follow for the rest of my life. This has been a life-changing experience training with Rhi and highly recommend connecting with her.

Mandy Gray

I followed Rhi on social media for a while before deciding to contact her about PT sessions. I started 2 days before lockdown! Rhi adapted to that situation very well and she planned virtual sessions for me. I managed to lose weight and start toning in that time. Now we’re back in the gym, it’s all systems go! I love her attitude, her humour and her willingness to help. She knows her stuff. Would highly recommend!

fitness packages

1:1 Personal Training

What it includes:
• 1:1 Personal Training sessions
• Personalised programme
• Nutritional education and strategy
• Full support, accountability and regular progress check ins
• Unlimited access to me (PT in your pocket)
• A holistic approach to reaching you health and fitness goals

1:1 Online Coaching

What it includes:
• 1:1 weekly video call check ins
• Personalised programme
• Nutritional education and strategy
• Full support, accountability and regular progress check ins
• Unlimited access to me (PT in your pocket)
• A holistic approach to reaching you health and fitness goals

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Top ten tips for nutrition:
1) Follow something that fits into your lifestyle and you know you can stick too!
2) Protein with every meal!
3) Load your plate with vegetables
4) Try and cook homemade meals 80% of the time
5) Plan your meals in advance
6) Weigh out your carbohydrates to an appropriate portion size
7) Introduce more plant based meals into your diet
8) Clean up your diet (half the amount of biscuits/diet drinks instead of full fat)
9) If you’re going out for food, eat a little less the days before
10) DO NOT OVER RESTRICT YOUR DIET! Life and food is to be enjoyed!


Are phrases such as  “LoVe YoUrSeLf” and “YoU’rE pErFeCt” actually helping anyone? Phrases like this have become super popular over the last few years, and while I understand they are intended to spread positivity and make people feel good, I can’t help but think they are slightly redundant. Quite frankly,...

Personal Trainers do more than just count your reps…

If you asked someone what a PT does they would probably say something along the lines of…  “They just show you how to exercise and give you a diet plan”. While this is part of their role, a large majority of coaches play a very important part in their clients...

Lower your expectations

Maybe you should think about lowering your expectations when it comes to your health and fitness goals. Now you may be thinking that this is strange for a personal trainer/coach to be saying, but hear me out. All too often your average Joe or Jane (all inclusive here) will start...

A letter to a younger me

Hey Rhiannon I hope you’re okay. I know you’re probably feeling fat, ugly, unloved, lonely, and like you’ve let yourself and everyone else down right now. So I thought I’d write you a letter, some things I wish you could have known. You’re a lot smarter, driven and more capable...

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