RT-PT Blog Post


A letter to a younger me

May 15, 2020

Hey Rhiannon

I hope you’re okay. I know you’re probably feeling fat, ugly, unloved, lonely, and like you’ve let yourself and everyone else down right now. So I thought I’d write you a letter, some things I wish you could have known.

You’re a lot smarter, driven and more capable than you give yourself credit for. Just because you’re not where you thought you’d be at 18, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Life just took an unexpected turn, and it’s testing you. Everything you’re dealing with in your head right now, is going to be your super power in a couple of years time. It’s going to give you the skills, empathy, and passion to want to help as many people as possible.

I know you feel a little lost right now, you’re doing some things that you know you shouldn’t be doing and let me tell you this no, the wacky baccy isn’t the way forward. But it’s your thing right now, and its one of the only things that stop you from feeling sad so I get it, but maybe just put the joint out and try and get some uni work done. Maybe even go outside, you will feel better.

Love. It’s all you really want isn’t it? You just want your person and you’re desperately searching for them. Well don’t worry little Rhiannon, your person is out there and she is waiting for you. And when you finally meet her, you’ll feel love in a way that you’ve never felt it before and you’ll be the
happiest you’ve ever been. Be patient, I know it’s not one of your strengths, but just give it a go.

Stop worrying about running out of time, stop looking at other people and wondering why you haven’t yet achieved everything they’ve achieved. You have so much time! And you’re going to be amazed at how much can happen in just a couple of years. Give yourself a break, you’ve just been
released into the world and you’re trying to figure out how the hell you are supposed to survive and where you fit in. Eventually, you work it out and once you do they’ll be no stopping you. Trust me.

Now let’s get onto your weight. You hate it, you hate how you look in pictures, you hate how clothes fit on you, you feel self conscious whenever you leave the house. It’s something that has burdened you for years and years and has caused you great pain. I haven’t forgotten how it felt. BUT GUESS WHAT?! You achieve that transformation picture that you’ve always wanted! You look great, you run 5ks for fun, workout most days, you actually went vegan for about a year. I know, insane. Right now you’re probably tucking into a crunchy piece of southern fried chicken so it’s
probably hard for you the believe, but soon you’ll be pressing tofu and drinking oat milk. Also you don’t wear bras anymore because your boobs shrunk, so that’s something to look forward too!

This may sound cheesy but I know secretly you love clichés and uplifting quotes…things do get better. In fact they get so good, you can’t quite believe this is your life and you feel like a fraud, an imposter in your own home almost like you are in some weird surreal dream.

BUT you’re not, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, yes you let yourself slip for a couple of years but you really did pull it back round. You stopped feeling sorry for yourself, found your drive again and made some big changes. You started taking responsibility for everything in your life. You now live with your amazing fiancé, in a beautiful flat. You own your own business, helping others achieve amazing results both physically and mentally. You’re living the life you always wanted and then some!

Everything you’re going through, is making you the person you are today. You’ve made everyone so proud. So keep your head up little Rhiannon, you are enough and one day soon you will be living your dreams.

Love from Rhiannon

P.s your lighter is probably in your pocket