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Personal Trainers do more than just count your reps…

June 8, 2020

If you asked someone what a PT does they would probably say something along the lines of…

 “They just show you how to exercise and give you a diet plan”.

While this is part of their role, a large majority of coaches play a very important part in their clients lives that goes above and beyond counting reps and giving them meal plans.

Life has changed dramatically over the past three months and being a Personal Trainer I have seen first hand the huge knock on  effect it has had on people’s physical and mental health. This has caused a lot of coaches to pivot and adapt the way they provide sessions to their clients.

For some people, their PT session each week can be the only time they get to do something for themselves. It is possibly their only opportunity to talk about what’s going on in their heads, discuss any problems they are having, and receive support and accountability and with what’s going on the role a trainer plays in a persons life is now more important then ever.

As a personal trainer, I spend a majority of my time helping clients with their mindset, building healthy habits, and helping them to develop their self-esteem, which seems to be the main driver in them achieving their goals. All of the above are also important foundations for overall short and long term health.

Personal training is an investment not a luxury, and with the right PT, you can achieve exponentially more than just dropping a dress size or two. The right personal trainer can set you up with all the tools for life long success both mentally and physically and provide you with the support and guidance necessary to become  healthier, happier, and more confident.

Many people right now probably don’t see the need for personal trainer until the gyms are re-open, but I can’t emphasise enough the positive impact one could have on your life even before you pick up a dumbbell. With the right support, education and guidance from a PT you can use this time during lockdown to develop your mind, practice healthy habit building, and get to grips with the basics of exercise. All of, which will put you in a strong position to hit the gym hard when they finally re-open.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit lost recently and could with some support and accountability, maybe now is the time to invest in your future health and happiness.

Rhiannon Tims

Instagram: @rt_pt_

Email: rt.pt.healthandfitness@gmail.com